General Hydrogen Corporation is a division of CGI International, LLC an industrial gas company with a heritage and experience in the industry that dates back to 1948.
Headquartered in Washington, Pennsylvania. General Hydrogen has plants located in several states with plans to build four additional plants over the next 4 years.

Current operations are General Hydrogen of West Virginia a division, located in Proctor, WV. and General Hydrogen of Tennessee an affiliate located in Charleston, TN.

Corporate Headquarters

Our corporate headquarters has been located in Washington, Pennsylvania for 60 years.

Washington is approximately 25 miles south of Pittsburgh, Pa. The offices are housed in the CGI Building, along with the corporate offices for CGI International, Inc. and CGI International,LLC.

The building is a modern 65,000 sq. ft. facility situated on over 20 acres of land with easy access to the major highways.

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